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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – In rural Canadian County, Sheriff’s deputies say they found the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen.

Lawmen say the parents, Edward and Krystal Everett, locked their little boy up in a bare room. When deputies discovered him Thursday, they say he was in the fetal position covered in bruises.

Neighbor George Heupel drives past the quiet, country home. He says he was clueless.

“I wouldn’t even treat my animals that way,” said Heupel.

Investigators say the parents kept the six-year-old in a room with a small mat to sit on and a bucket to use the bathroom.

Investigators also say the parents only came in to feed him once a day and to shock him with a cattle prod.

The parents told deputies they locked the child in the room because he was possessed by demons. They claimed he heard voices and hurt himself.

“It’s really an outrageous case of child neglect,” said Undersheriff Chris West.

Three younger children were in the home too. Lawmen rescued them all.

Deputies say were left troubled by what they saw.

“There was a lot of talk at the Sheriff’s Office this morning,” said West. “On one hand it’s just a terrible terrible thing to happen. You can’t imagine in your wildest dreams finding something like that. Especially if you’re a parent and have your own children.”

Neighbors wish they could have helped.

“I feel sorry for the children,” said Heupel.

Now, it’s the parents who are locked up. Both Everetts were transported to the Canadian County Jail where Edward was booked on charges of Child Abuse and Child Neglect, and Krystal for Enabling Child Abuse.