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NORMAN, Okla. – A routine welfare check takes a turn when police report the DHS employee arrived on the scene drunk.

Police and DHS were called to the welfare check at a home on Beaumont Street in Norman.

Officers arrived first, and shortly after, DHS child welfare specialist Jennifer Mangham joined them.

“Mangham arrived on scene and immediately began exhibiting the signs of being intoxicated,” said Norman Police Public Safety Information Officer Sarah Jensen.

NewsChannel 4 obtained body cam video of the incident in which officers confront Mangham about her intoxication.

“She’s thinking you’re going to leave with the children when you’ve been drinking. And you drove here. I can smell it when you’re around me,” the officer told Mangham.

“During those interactions, they began to notice the signs of an odor of alcohol,” Jensen said. “The lack of coordination.”

Officers immediately began investigating and conducted an field sobriety test, one they said Mangham failed.

“You can’t be drinking if you’re on call to come out for these things as a public servant,” the officer said to Mangham. “It’s not professional.”

According to court documents, Mangham’s breathalyzer test came in well over the legal limit.

Officers arrested her and she is now charged with a DUI.

“Obviously the well-being of a child is at the utmost importance of what they do, and that’s what made it so unusual for a person to show up in this state to attempt to take custody of a child,” Jensen said. “Unacceptable.”

A DHS spokesperson said Mangham has been assigned to desk duty while they determine appropriate personnel actions.

She does not have any contact with clients.