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The rumor mill is going wild with whims of Kevin Durant earning his law degree.

It only took three days before the Oklahoma City Thunder’s reigning MVP claimed that he earned his Masters of Law from Seat Pleasant University.

On Sunday, Durant announced that it was time to go back to school so he could rule on the court and in the court room.

He showed off his speed reading.

And next thing you know, by Wednesday, he’s got a law degree.

If you look closer, you can see the seal on the diploma says “Half Court,” and includes part of a basketball court.

Although a Google search didn’t show a “Seat Pleasant University,” there is a town with that name outside of Durant’s hometown of Washington D.C.

Some people are wondering if this is all a hint toward free agency, while others think it may just be a nod to his hometown.

Either way, people are impressed.

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