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Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all home to millions of pictures of food and babies.

Now, some people are stealing those photos and using them in their own fantasy worlds.

Caleb Kaminer and his daughter were victims to this digital hijacking.

Baby Tristan was born with a rare form of Dysphagia, a disease that makes eating nearly impossible.

The family started a social media site, hoping to get answers, support and offer help to others.

Caleb Kaminer never expected someone would digitally hijack his Facebook photos. It’s a growing and alarming new game called “baby role playing.”

Some of the role playing appears harmless, but others are disturbing and downright vile.

Psychologists say this is a potentially dangerous simulation game.

When Caleb learned his daughter’s pictures were being exploited he wanted to do anything he could to get the pictures taken down.

Caleb launched a crusade against Facebook.

With the help of hundreds of friends and strangers, his daughter’s post was ultimately removed.

But there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other “role playing” communities where images are stolen and the children are given new names.

Because this role playing is anonymous, it’s nearly impossible to shut down.

With these kinds of stories happening more and more often, Caleb wants to warn other parents to reevaluate what you post.


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