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NORMAN, Okla. — Some school districts in the state are taking steps to fight the electronic cigarette fad on campus.

Those e-cigarettes use liquid, allowing users to inhale flavored vapor which contains different levels of nicotine. In some cases there is no nicotine in the vapor.

However, some school districts say it’s not so much the device but the example and the nicotine they want to keep off campus. It’s a move Norman schools made this week.

Shelly Hickman, with Norman Public Schools, said, “The board of education approved new policy that treats e-cigarettes just as we treat other tobacco products on our school campuses and that means we don’t want them. They are not allowed.”

Norman’s policy specifically mentions e-cigarettes and vapor products.

NewsChannel 4 did a little checking and found Moore, Oklahoma City, Deer Creek, Kingfisher, Mid-Del and Edmond all have similar policies banning the products not only on their campuses, but at athletic events.

Some districts admit they have had some adults upset about the decision, though we found some vapor users in Norman who agree with the decision.

Tom Hagg, who is a vapor user, said, “I agree it shouldn’t be at any high school game whether it’s outside or inside.”

He said, “It’s still a form of being addicted to nicotine. It’s still a smoking sensation.”

Though not everyone agrees.

Nathan Moore, a vapor user, said, “I say, if anything, ban cigarettes. Don’t ban vapor.”

Norman officials say it comes down to an effort to do what’s best for the students.

Hickman said, “Our belief is anything that compromises learning or health does not belong on our campuses and nicotine compromises health.”

We also talked with the OSSAA. They tell us they do not have a specific policy regarding cigarettes or e-cigarettes at athletic events. They say it is up to each district to decide whether or not they will allow smoking in any form.