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KONGSBERG, Norway (Storyful/KFOR) – Norwegian Police has released footage of a man going on a bow-and-arrow and knife attack at a grocery story, murdering five. The man claimed he was going blind and needed to kill others so that he could be “born again.”

Espen Andersen Brathen, 38, is now on trial for the five murders, as well as the attempted murder of 11 others. His alleged victims were four women and one man, aged from 52 to 78.

The attack happened October 13th, 2021, but the above video was just released as part of his trial. Brathen was armed with a bow, 60 arrows and four knives. All five victims were killed with a knife.

At the start of his trial, Brathen pleaded guilty and said, “Everything, I admit everything,” according to local reports.

Both prosecutors and the defense have argued that Brathen is incompetent to be charged criminally, after medical experts deemed his condition as paranoid schizophrenia. They instead advocated for psychiatric treatment rather than a prison sentence.

The trial is expected to last through mid-June, with a verdict following a few weeks later.