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OKLAHOMA CITY – Can you guess which metro bars made the list?

Impulcity has released a list of the top 32 ‘diviest dive bars’ in America, and three metro bars made the list.

According to Impulcity, HiLo Club, Edna’s, and The Drunken Fry are some of the best dive bars in America.

The full list includes:

  1. Santa’s Pub (Nashville, TN)
  2. Happy Village (Chicago, IL)
  3. Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge (New Orleans, LA)
  4. Green Parrot (Key West, FL)
  5. Canter’s Deli/Kibitz Room (Los Angeles, CA)
  6. Dan’s Cafe (Washington DC)
  7. The Subway Inn (New York, NY)
  8. Twilight Room (Portland, OR)
  9. The Drunken Fry (Oklahoma City, OK)
  10. Burt’s Tiki Lounge (Albuquerque, NM)
  11. Dick’s Den (Columbus, OH)
  12. Apple Jack’s (LaHonda, CA)
  13. X-Wife’s Place (Salt Lake City, UT)
  14. Edna’s (Oklahoma City, OK)
  15. Stage Door Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
  16. Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon (Austin, TX)
  17. HiLo Club (Oklahoma City, OK)
  18. Buddy’s Place (Austin, TX)
  19. Wolski’s Tavern (Milwaukee, WI)
  20. Salty Dawg Saloon (Homer, AK)
  21. Mac’s Club Deuce (South Beach, FL)
  22. Gopher Bar (St. Paul, MN)
  23. Ralph’s Rock Diner (Worcester, MA)
  24. Sundown Saloon (Boulder, CO)
  25. Fat Pelican (Carolina Beach, NC)
  26. The Goat Hill Tavern (Costa Mesa, CA)
  27. Galway Bay Pub (Chicago, IL)
  28. Rudy’s Bar & Grill (New York, NY)
  29. Tom’s Tavern (Detroit, MI)
  30. Bob’s Bar (Columbus, OH)
  31. The Peanut (Kansas City, MO)
  32. Murphy’s Pub (Cincinnati, OH)

Coming in at number 14, Edna’s says they are excited to be recognized.

“Being such a family oriented business, they are so excited. They built it from the ground up. Edna’s is a legacy and knowing that they’re nationwide is really awesome,” Edna’s employee Haiden Davis said.

Davis says it all started with an idea from Edna herself.

“Edna was a mother and a grandmother and she started this with a good heart and a good solid mind and she fulfilled it all,” Davis said.

She says it’s her flair and excitement that made the bar what it is today.


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