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DEL CITY – A middle school mother is pushing for a school library investigation after her young son came home from school with inappropriate reading material.

Jessica Baughman-Rubio is extremely concerned, because her son checked out a library book full on vulgar material and language.

‘Stuck In The Middle’ is a graphic novel, which are very popular with middle school children.

Graphic novels are similar to old-fashioned comic books.

But, inside the pages, Baughman-Rubio found vulgar material, including swear words, bullying, violence, drug usage and sales.

“I’m disgusted. I’m completely disgusted and infuriated,” Baughman-Rubio said. “It says ‘As I walked, I thought of how to murder my parents.'”

The collection of comic stories contains several tales about teenage sexual activity.

“What a young man would do if he had undergarments from women. What he would do to himself,” Baughman-Rubio said.

‘Stuck In The Middle’ is recommended for readers 9 to 12 years old.

But, if you cruise through the reviews on Amazon, you can find the following comments:

  • “totally inappropriate”
  • “zero stars”
  • “How did this book even make it into print?”
  • “I am appalled”
  • “entirely inappropriate for children”

Baughman-Ruibio went to talk with the principal at her son’s school Thursday.

She wanted to know how the book made onto the shelves in the school library.

The principal was apologetic.

She said they are pulling all the graphic novels off the shelves and the school has launched an investigation.

The Mid Del School district released this statement:

“We do have a district policy in place to review books that are called into question. We are pulling the book to review with a committee that will include a parent, teacher, principal and library media specialist.”