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Little Hope was bitten twice on her backside by a dog that put her in the emergency room Monday afternoon.

Her mom, Kayann Irvin, said the dog belongs to a person who visits her neighbors.

She said when Hope’s dad went to tell the dog owner about what happened she couldn’t believe his response.

“Went over there and said ‘Hey, your dog just bit my daughter,’ and he said ‘She’ll be OK tomorrow.'”

The Irvin family called animal control but don’t have much to go on.

The dog owner doesn’t live in the neighborhood and his friends aren’t talking which is frustrating for Kayann.

“I don’t know the person’s name, I have no idea who it is,” she said.

Hope was told by the doctor that she will be fine and the doctor was not worried about rabies.

Her family is worried about the next time the friend comes to visit with his pit bull. 

Kayann said it won’t be pretty.

“If that dog comes back around again or around my daughter, I will kill it,” she said.

Animal Control said they will investigate the incident as soon as a formal report is filed.