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COYLE, Okla. – A dog that fled from a neglectful home found its way back to a person he knew he could trust.

When Biscuit first started showing up at Kaylie Stogsdill’s home, he was skinny and starving, looking worse all the time.

“He would come to my house and I would give him food,” Stogsdill said.

His condition was reported to police, and for two years, Stogsdill didn’t see him anymore.

“I thought maybe the situation was fixed,” Stogsdill said.

But she thought wrong, because Biscuit came back.

“Once I figured out who he was, that he was Biscuit,” Stogsdill said. “You just couldn’t tell because he was so skinny.”

Stogsdill brought him in and called the police.

“The animal was in really poor condition,” said Major. Kelly Banwart with the Langston Police Department.

According to court documents, he was emaciated, his skin appeared to sag from the skull, his vertebrae and rib cage were protruding, there was no body fat or muscle observed, his ears were filled with infection and debris, and he was covered in fleas.

Maj. Banwart said the owner argued that Biscuit was supposed to look like that because he’s a skinny breed, but Banwart knew better.

“The vet said we’re looking at probably needing to gain 20 pounds which for an animal is quite a bit,” Maj. Banwart said.

Finally, the owner agreed to surrender Biscuit to avoid charges.

Banwart said he’s not surprised Biscuit returned to Stogsdill.

“If an animal feels safe or an individual feels safe, they’re going to migrate towards that feeling of safety and being taken care of,” Banwart said.

Now, Biscuit is recovering and gaining back weight in his chosen foster home.

“I believe I was meant to discover him and that we were supposed to cross paths,” Stogsdill said.