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AKRON, Ohio – An Ohio truck driver is being credited for his warm heart and his ability to pay attention to things others may have overlooked.

When Dan O’Grady passed a little dog on the side of the highway in Florida, he knew he had to do something.

He pulled over on the next exit and walked back to find the little dog.

The frantic Jack Russell terrier barked at O’Grady and continued to run away from him every time he got close. O’Grady refused to give up and followed the terrier into the woods by the highway.

Underneath a bush, O’Grady saw a domestic rabbit, scooped him up and headed back to the truck. Satisfied that the rabbit had been found, the little dog followed.

O’Grady named the pair ‘Highway’ and ‘Interstate’ and fed them before heading to the nearest animal shelter.

The shelter took custody of the dog, but would not take the rabbit.

However, O’Grady remembered that the Humane Society of Summit County accepted rabbits, so he bought a few supplies and made his way to Ohio.

The humane society says ‘Interstate’ was lucky that his friend refused to abandon him when help finally arrived.

The rabbit was bony and malnourished, but is now back on his feet and up for adoption. ‘Highway’ has already been adopted.

“Dan O’Gray literally went the extra mile to rescue Highway and Interstate,” the society said on a Facebook page.