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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sixty-five dogs are saying goodbye to the Sooner State as they embark on a new journey to find a forever home in the Pacific Northwest.

“We have pulled animals that would have been euthanized had they not been rescued or pulled from those shelters,” said Executive Director of Fetch Fido A Flight Vikki Smith.

In fact, some of the pets were only hours away from being killed.

Kendrick, who was rescued from a Broken Arrow shelter, was just minutes away from being euthanized.

“Most shelters hold them for a very limited amount of time for the owners to be able to reclaim them. After three days, most shelters will euthanize,” Smith said.

Vikki Smith started Fetch Fido A Flight this year after recently moving to Oklahoma.

She said she couldn’t believe some shelters used gas chambers, heart sticks or guns to kill the animals.

“Three months after I got here, I started realizing what was going on in Oklahoma with euthanizing and the way they are allowed to euthanize, and it’s legal in this state, and I said, ‘Somebody has to do something,” Smith said.

She saw a solution since the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have a pet overpopulation program.

In fact, it’s almost the opposite.

By partnering Wings of Rescue, 96 dogs and cats flew to the West Coast in February.

“Most of the dogs that we rescued on the last flight, after 24 hours of arriving in the Pacific Northwest were already adopted and in their forever home,” Smith said.

Smith said she hopes to keep the mission going but needs donations because it costs $150 to transport each animal.

“For us to get them somewhere where we know they’ll be able to get adopted right away. We don’t want to take our problem of excess animals and throw them on another shelter somewhere else,” she said.

If you’d like to donate to Fetch Fido A Flight, visit the website and click on one of the ‘Oklahoma Flights’ options.