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OKLAHOMA CITY – Donald Trump recently praised the idea of having Governor Mary Fallin as his running mate.

The story was all over social media.

Trump tweeted a political commentator who picked Governor Fallin as his choice for vice president, saying Fallin would balance Trump in the presidential race.

Trump tweeted, “great advice,” leaving many wondering if Fallin could land on the short list for Vice President.

On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, South Carolina’s lieutenant governor said Governor Mary Fallin would help Donald Trump get the job done.

“She’s been in Congress, she’s been a 3 term lieutenant governor, she’s been a highly successful governor cutting the pension deficit in half, dealt with national disasters, an articulate, well spoken, attractive woman that can balance Trump, I think, is the perfect VP candidate,” Andre Bauer said.

“I think you’re going to see something different. I think what he will do is he won’t go with the norm that you pick a battleground state and you pick somebody from that state or a rival candidate,” he said. “I think he’s going to say, ‘Who can help me get the job done?’ and I think he needs some balance, and I like Mary Fallin for that reason.”

To that, Trump tweeted him: “@AndreBauer Great job and advice on @CNN @jaketapper Thank you!”

“I talked with her today and she was very honored by even being mentioned,” Oklahoma GOP chairwoman Pam Pollard said.

State GOP leaders say Fallin would bring a lot of experience to the national stage.

“Being a good strong leader who understands the economy, who understands taxes, who still listens to the people. She still has a personal cell phone number so she can talk directly to the people, I think that`s what makes her uniquely qualified,”
Pollard said.

But democratic state leaders are less than impressed.

“Oklahoma has made national news in the last few years over some of the most embarrassing things,” Oklahoma Democratic Party Communications Director Sarah Baker said.

Some think the dire situation over the state’s budget is reason not to send Fallin back to Washington.

“She has led her party and her leadership team at the Capitol to drive the state into year after year financial trouble, and now we are having school districts, over 50 school districts right now looking at 4 day school weeks next year,” Baker said.

Fallin was flattered by the endorsement, telling NewsChannel 4:

“It’s a great honor to even be mentioned as a possible consideration for vice president. However, my first and foremost goal is fulfilling my duties as governor to grow the economy while continuing to work on developing solutions for issues
and challenges facing Oklahoma.” –Governor Mary Fallin

Sunday, Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., said a vice presidential pick would not likely happen until after the republican convention in mid-July.