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OKLAHOMA CITY -Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, will be speaking at the Oklahoma State Fair Friday evening.

“This is something where I think 10 – 20,000 people could show up at, so get here early if you want to see him,” said State Senator, Ralph Shortey, who is volunteering with Trump’s Oklahoma campaign.

Trump will be appearing on the bandshell stage Friday evening.

Sen. Shortey says he posted the event online and in less than 24 hours, 2,000 people had already rsvp’d.

“There’s no doubt that he connects with a conservative state like Oklahoma.  We’re calling this the real red state rally,” said Sen. Shortey

And Trump might have the chance to connect with an old friend.

“Uncle Sam”, a bald eagle, was photographed with Trump last month for a TIME magazine article.

And he just happens to be feet away from the bandshell stage where Trump will be speaking.

“He is the rock star of the country right now.  He’s drawing huge crowds wherever he goes,” said Jonathan Wood.

Sam is part of Wood’s “birds of prey” show that’s set up near the stage.

Wood says Trump has been a client of his.

“I started coming to one of his golf courses three years ago and they loved my show there so they keep booking me,” said Wood.

Wood’s agent set up Sam to be part of the TIME magazine shoot.

They’re now hoping to get Sam up on the stage Friday night when Trump speaks.

Wood says the timing is ironic.

“When I saw Donald Trump three weeks ago, I said Mr. Trump, we gotta stop meeting like this.  So I’m probably going to say that again,” said Wood.

Members of Oklahoma’s Trump campaign say they believe this stop is just another step towards securing the votes from our state.

“Oklahoma is the most republican, most red state in the nation.  And we’re going to deliver to him.  He’s going to have Oklahoma.  I have no doubt in my mind that Oklahoma will vote to elect him president,” said Sen. Shortey.

Other than the ticket to the state fair, it is free to see Trump.

Event organizers are asking, though, that you click here to sign up so they can have an idea of just how many people will be there.

We might feature your tweets of the event, make sure to use this hashtag #TrumpInOK and tag @KFOR.