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OKLAHOMA – The miniature donkey that gained world fame after riding in a Norman police cruiser has been reunited with his owner.

The donkey, nicknamed ‘Squishy’ belongs to Dr. Matt Spaulding, a Norman Chiropractor.

The little guy’s real name is Cruz.

Dr. Spaulding said he noticed Cruz was missing when he got home from work Tuesday night.

“The three horses came up to me, and then no Cruz,” Spaulding said.

He was relieved when he learned the missing donkey, pictured riding in the back of Officer Kyle Canaan’s car, was his.

“I don’t know how they got him in there,” Spaulding said. “That’s why they say they called him Squishy. They squished him up in there.”

He thinks Cruz somehow escaped underneath an electric wire fence.

The doctor is now thanking the officer and his neighbor who saved his loving friend from the edge of a busy highway.

“I’m just grateful for good neighbors,” Spaulding said. “They kept him safe until I could get him back. They did a great job.”

It was a great deed for a funny little fellow whose adventure made him famous.

Spaulding has owned Cruz for over two years.

Cruz is a retired basketball donkey.

People used to ride on his back while playing the game.