MOHAWK, New York (KFOR/Storyful) – Surveillance video from the Herkimer County Humane Society (HCHS) in Mohawk, New York shows the moment someone dumped a mistreated dog in its snow-covered parking lot. Shortly thereafter, the dog was hit by a car. The HCHS promptly named the dig “Miracle.”

Miracle is about six-years-old and, according to the HCHS, she’s endured years of excessive breeding, causing multiple conditions. She also is suffering from multiple infections and diseases.

When she is stronger, after being treated by the HCHS veterinarian, she will undergo mammary surgery and spay.

“She is having her ears tested for proper diagnoses of her ear infection, positive for Lyme disease and is infested with fleas needing 4 baths so far,” the HCHS posted. “Please continue to support her recovery with your best wishes along with donations and seeking justice by identifying the individual who is responsible for all the misfortunes in her life.”

At the time of this post, more than $8,200 has been raised so far to pay for Miracle’s care.

Contact the Mohawk Police Department with any tips that could lead to the identity of Miracle’s former owner.