BAYONNE, New Jersey (KFOR/Storyful) – An artist has built a colorful tribute with Rubik’s Cubes to Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin, whose condition continues to improve after his cardiac arrest during a game on January 2nd against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Video at the top of this story shows a timelapse, as artist Dylan Sadiq created the tribute at his studio in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Sadiq, who is also known at The College Cuber, told Storyful that each of his creations, which frequently contain Rubik’s Cubes, takes about three hours to complete.

During a play, Hamlin was hit in the chest, resulting in a heart arrhythmia. Emergency responders had to revive Hamlin twice after he collapsed on the field.

The Buffalo Bills tweeted Friday, “Per the physicians at UCMC, Damar’s breathing tube was removed overnight. He continues to progress remarkably in his recovery. His neurologic function remains intact and he has been able to talk to his family and care team.”