LANSING, Michigan (KFOR/Storyful) – A group of concerned neighbors in Lansing, Michigan reached out to an animal rescue group when a deer they named “Lucky” was seen for two weeks walking around the area with an orange, plastic Halloween candy bucket stuck to its head.

South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery specializes in trapping animals and returning them to their owners, but in this case, they used a remote-controlled net to trap Lucky, remove the bucket, then set him free.

The group hoisted a large net over a backyard where Lucky liked to forage.

Once Lucky was positioned directly underneath the center of the net, volunteers clicked the remote, trapping Lucky. Members then came racing out of nearby homes, where they had been watching and waiting.

In less than three minutes, the men and women were able to free Lucky and broke out into cheers when Lucky kicked away, free of the orange helmet he had been sporting for far too long.

“Lucky has been released from his pumpkin prison,” the group posted. “On Halloween remind the folks that are trick or treating to cut the handles. We can prevent this. Deer are sooooo curious, like all life is. We are stewards of nature and we all can do a better job.”