RIDGEFIELD PARK, New Jersey (KFOR/Storyful) – Police in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey rescued a man from a burning Honda. The fire caused the electrical system to fail – none of the doors or windows would open.

Chris Vagnone, 54, said he was driving home from work when suddenly the front of his vehicle caught fire.

Ridgefield Police Sergeant Nicolas Triano, Patrolman Anthony D’Elia, and Patrolman Nicolas D’Alto worked together, breaking a window just as the flames entered the interior of the Honda.

A passerby, Elias Rodgriguez, stopped to help police pull Vagnone from the vehicle.

The men are heard groaning, using all of their strength, as they battled extreme heat and flames while pulling the man to safety. They administered first aid and Vagnone only suffered minor burns.

“It was all very traumatic, everything happened very fast,” Vagnone told the local media. “Now I just want to move forward and be thankful that I made it out thanks to those officers from the Ridgefield Park Police Department.”

The year and model of the Honda were never released, but it appears in the video to be an older model.

Police advise to keep something in your car that is strong enough to break out a window, in case of an emergency like this one.