LONDON, England (KFOR/Storyful) – Two creative friends in London spent an entire afternoon smashing and molding a can of baked beans into one giant bean, then created a new label for the can, called “The Big Bean” – and they’re shocked their video has gone viral.

Video at the top of this story shows the giant baked bean sliding out of the “Big Bean” can and onto a plate.

The friends started with a can of baked beans. Credit: @tomplusdylan via Storyful

The duo, called @tomplusdylan on social media, released photos and the video online and are stunned the the response.

Both men work for an advertising agency called The Or, and used their creativity to come up with a new Heinz product, which has drawn the attention of Heinz itself!

The company commented on Twitter, “Yeah… that’s enough Internet for one day.”

Tom told Storyful, “There’s no real reason why we made Big Bean, apart from ‘Why not?’ We just thought, ‘How can we elevate an already iconic British dish?’ It’s just a bit of fun really, and we never expected it to be as popular as it was.”

Step 2: Blending the beans together. Credit: @tomplusdylan via Storyful

Tom said the friends were shocked when the video made its way across the ocean to the U.S. “Seeing it make its way into America was mad. Who knew a big bean could touch so many people?” Tom told Storyful.

The finished product! Credit: @tomplusdylan via Storyful