SPRING HILL, Florida (Storyful/KFOR) – A doorbell camera captured the moment officers in Spring Hill, Florida returned fire on a robbery suspect, fatally wounding him.

On May 31st, an officer is seen warning the family across the street to go to the back of their house, when the suspect, Victor Thomas Torres, Jr. ran from the home he was allegedly robbing, while firing two rounds at officers, according to police.

Officers returned fire, fatally wounding Torres, Jr., 42. who later died at a hospital.

Local media reported that Torres, Jr. forced his way into the home, demanding money. Neighbor Donna Villano said, “It was her birthday and she was taking the kids to the pool and he came through the garage door. He said, ‘I want money.’ So, her husband took it out of his pocket and said ‘Here’s the money, go!’ She ran with the grandbabies in the bathroom, covered them and he [suspect] ran in the bathroom with her and he was shooting. I don’t know if he was shooting at the cops, but he was shooting out the bathroom window.”