NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA (KFOR/Storyful) – When you place a note next to your Halloween candy bowl, asking kids to “just take one,” they may or may not obey. But when you place the same sign next to a Halloween treat bowl for wildlife, some prove to be somewhat stingy.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service placed the bowl in northeastern Minnesota and captured on video a number of birds taking turns at the bowl, full of dried meal worms, sunflower seeds, pinecones and peanuts.

“A blue jay arrives and puts as many peanuts as possible in its mouth. A dark-eyed junco approaches cautiously to choose a snack. Black-capped chickadees quickly make a selection and leave. An eastern chipmunk surveys the scene then leaves,” the department posted on Facebook.

The post then asked, “Which wildlife trick-or-treater are you?”

1️⃣ Blue jay: Gobbling up the goodies

2️⃣ Dark-eyed junco: Cautious and apprehensive

3️⃣ Black-capped chickadee: Efficient and focused

4️⃣ Eastern chipmunk: Just checking the inventory

The chipmunk seemed uninterested, just as a child would be when seeing their least favorite candy in a Halloween bowl.