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EDMOND, Okla. – If you’re looking for Kobe Nhin, you can usually find him on the tennis court.

“Almost every day,” the Edmond eighth-grader said.

But, when Kobe’s not serving up in tennis, the Edmond teen is serving others through writing.

“When kids play sports, they’re always competitive, and I feel like some kids just get back and I want to help them,” he said.

So, Kobe wrote a book, ‘How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas,’ with his mother, Mary Nhin.

“It’s been a very fun event to do this with my teenager,” Mary said.

It all started when Kobe was given a research assignment in class.

“He had the option to choose a subject, and he chose mental toughness and finding the zone,” Mary said.

It’s an invested interest for Kobe, who must practice those skills during tennis matches.

“I think, naturally, kids are not – they don’t own that skill set that helps them overcome feelings like frustration, anxiety and anger and Kobe recognized this,” Mary said.

The book focuses on five mental tips that Kobe learned during his research and through his personal coach.

“How to stay carefree, confident and calm, stay focused,” he said.

Through breathing, body language and overall mental toughness.

“So, the book’s goal is to help kids perform at their very best in any performance-related activity including any sports, anything artistic-related, even state testing,” Mary said.

It isn’t the end game for Kobe’s book writing.

“Two follow-up books already, and he’s getting them edited. The next one is ‘How to Win The World Cup in Pajamas,’” Mary said.

Perfecting Kobe’s game both on the tennis court and through words.

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