EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — An Edmond couple says they’re terrified after being struck by a burglar twice in one week. 

“It’s just really scary and now we don’t know what to do,” said Mackenize Farney, one of the victims. “Someone came and stole basically a lot of our valuables right out from under us that we’ve worked for.” 

The couple lives in the North Hampton neighborhood off of North May Avenue. Caleb Baxter told KFOR that before going to sleep on May 20, he went out to their driveway to make sure his work truck was locked. 

The back of the truck was lined with his work tools that night, however, Baxter made an unfortunate discovery the next morning. 

“The doors were wide open,” said Baxter. “I went around to the back and just every single tool I’ve ever owned was gone. [The burglar] took about $15,000 worth of tools, and it’s kind of hard to make a living with no tools.”

Just five days later, the couple believes the same burglar struck again. 

“I came outside, and her jeep was gone out of the driveway,” said Baxter. Farney added the Jeep was her only method of transportation. 

Their neighbor’s security cameras show a man walking up the couple’s driveway, and soon after the jeep being driven down their street. 

Based on security footage, the couple believes the man in the picture below is who is behind the thefts. 

It turns out they aren’t the only victims. 

“I think there’s about 15 people that got hit in this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods,” said Baxter. “He stole the car at 2:41 a.m. and was in the neighborhood across from us by 3:47 hitting other cars. It was the same guy, same pictures, everything.”

Security video shows the man looking through one car and running up to another. 

The young couple is asking for anyone who recognizes the man to report him. 

“We would really, really appreciate it,” said Farney.

They said that they filed police reports, but haven’t had any luck with getting their valuables back so far.