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EDMOND, Okla. – An Edmond father is now speaking out after he and his son were rushed to the hospital after a family pit bull attacked them.

The boy was released from the hospital Wednesday morning after having plastic surgery on his face.

A pit bull mix targeted the toddler Tuesday afternoon when the child’s dad sacrificed himself to save his son.

“We had a dog attack my son,” Tyler Pugh said on the 911 call. “He’s bleeding bad. It’s ok. It’s ok.”

Tyler Pugh was on the phone with 911 while his little boy was caught in the jaws of a pit bull.

“He was playing with my sister’s dog and he just attacked him,” Pugh said.

The US Airman recounted Tuesday’s terror just hours after his 2-year-old son was released from the hospital.

He said it started out like any other summer day.

“My son has played with that dog for a very long time,” Pugh said.

Edmond police said the frenzy started inside the home after the little boy grabbed the 3-year-old dog’s favorite rubber toy.

“Ok, where is he bit at?” the 911 operator said.

“The lip and the leg,” Pugh said.

Pugh said he used his bare hands to pry the dog away.

“I had to pull his jaws off of him,” Pugh said.

The dog then turned on him next ripping the flesh off his leg.

He grabbed the female pit by the throat, threw her into the backyard and slammed the fence gate behind him.

Push said he ran to the front yard begging for help when the dog broke through the gate focusing on the toddler once again.

Then, the call drops.

Kimber Roberts was across the street at the time.

“I was just trying to console the child, make sure and let him know he was safe and be ok and not be scared,” Roberts said.

Paramedics arrived fast and helped Pugh pin the dog down until Edmond Animal Control arrived.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital and had plastic surgery on his face. Doctors say the traces of the attack will vanish and he won’t have any scarring.

“This is just a freak accident,” Pugh said. “We are just grateful we came out of this on the good side of grace.”

Pugh said he wants to thank all of the first responders and doctors who helped him on Tuesday.

The family agreed to have the dog put down so they could check it for rabies. The dog was not up to date on the vaccination.