GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A long-time hair stylist lost everything he owned during the March 31 wildfires across the state.

Edgar “Dwane” Whitson has been cutting hair at Tangles in Edmond for 30 years. He said he was off work the day Oklahoma suffered a wildfire outbreak that burned right through his rent home.

“I could smell something burning,” said Whitson. “It was coming into the house.”

He lost the place where he had lived for the last nine years.

“I walked outside and that’s when I saw a cloud of smoke just coming down,” said Whitson. “It was where I couldn’t hardly see the truck.”

Whitson said he knew he had to get out of the area quickly. He grabbed his wallet and left the rest of his life behind.

Hours later, he found out his home burned to the ground.

“There’s nothing. It’s all gone. All down to the ground,” said Whitson.

He had been renting the home from a couple off East Lakewood Drive in Guthrie. His landlord lived yards away in the family home. Both homes burned up in the wildfires.

Whitson said he did not have renters’ insurance and the disaster left him with nothing.

“I don’t want to go back,” said Whitson. “I can’t look at it right now.”

The only thing remaining on the property was charred trees, blackened grass, and bulldozers moving dirt.

Luckily, Whitson’s co-workers have set up a GoFundMe account to help Whitson get back on his feet. You can find it here.

This salon has also set up a donation account at Citizens Bank of Edmond under the name Edgar Whitson.

His clients have also helped him out as much as they can. Despite his loss, he has come back to work every day because he said his clients need him.