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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – A man, 43-year-old James Curt Rose, sits behind bars for video-taping a 13-year-old taking a shower.

It’s not the first time he has been in trouble for sex crimes.

According to court documents, the child said she saw a hole cut in a sleeve hanging in the bathroom.

When she looked closer, she could see a phone in the sleeve that was recording.

After the child alerted adults, Logan County Deputies found Rose and the cell phone.

Rose has a history of criminal activity, but his most recent arrest came after police said he filmed a child showering.

“It was reported he had been videotaping a child while she was bathing,” said Detective Greg Valencia of Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

According to court documents, the 13-year-old was in the shower when she noticed something in the shower, reached for it and saw that it was a cell phone recording her.

“He was in fact concealing a camera to videotape a family member while she was bathing,” Valencia said.

According to court documents, “she stopped and deleted the recording and briefly looked through the pictures to see if there were any more of her.”

Documents also show the girl was so scared “that she has two knives that she keeps in her room to protect herself.”

Police then went looking for Rose.

He handed over his phone to OSBI, where they found “several pictures of what appeared to be a young, nude female in the shower.”

“We also discovered he was a registered sex offender prior to this happening,” Valencia said. “It’s very important for them to come forward, so we can get these people and take steps necessary to prevent it from happening again.”

Curt is still waiting on a court date.