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OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother was jailed on complaints of child abuse after she allegedly beat her teen daughter for bad grades, and used an electrical cord to beat her younger daughter.

Police first learned of the alleged abuse when a school resource officer at Edmond Santa Fe saw a 16-year-old student with injuries on her face.

“She had swelling, redness, and some darkening around one of her eyes,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police.

The teen told the SRO the injuries came from her mother, Tiara Riley, who punched her because of her grades.

“She said at least ten times about the head and face,” MSgt. Knight said.

That’s not the only alleged instance.

Riley’s 14-year-old daughter is also the victim of alleged abuse.

According to the police report, Riley beat her “using a belt” and when the belt broke, she “retrieved an electrical cord” instead. She even allegedly said, “‘So you want to die,'” before she “wraps the electrical cord around the victim’s neck and pulls upward.”

Police said the woman allegedly has a bad temper and anger issues.

“This really wasn’t corporal punishment, this was beating a kid,” MSgt. Knight said. “This was hitting a kid in the face multiple times and then possibly beating another with an electrical cord. That goes way past corporal punishment.”