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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – The city of Edmond passed a mask mandate Monday night by a vote of 3 to 2, but it won’t go into effect until Aug. 26. 

The council voted to pass it, but a motion to pass it with an emergency order was in place.

The emergency order would have made it go into effect immediately. However, it needed four votes to pass the emergency order and only a majority to pass the ordinance itself.

With three votes the ordinance passed, but since the fourth vote was not there, the emergency order did not.

Therefore, the ordinance is not set to go in effect until Aug. 26. 

“I question any time the government wants to overreach,” said an Edmond resident that called into the meeting during public comment. 

“I do support the ordinance to make masks required,” said another Edmond resident that called into the meeting. 

Final opinions from Edmond residents were heard just before the vote. 

“Motion passes 3 to 2,” said Edmond Mayor Dan O’Neil. 

The ordinance threaded the needle and passed. 

“Our dates are starting to conflict with each other if we’re talking about the September eight sunset for the ordinance,” said Edmond city council member Darrell Davis. 

It won’t go into effect until Aug. 26 and it is set to end on Sept. 8. This wouldn’t put it into effect for another 30 days and it would last roughly two weeks. 

“This is the most polarizing issue that the city of Edmond has ever had in their city council,” said council member David Chapman. 

The passing of the ordinance comes after about 20 special meetings with the council. During the meetings they discussed and amended their original emergency proclamation.

The original proclamation encouraged masks and required businesses to put up signs showing their mask policy. 

“I still am for voluntary masking,” said an Edmond resident that called into the meeting. 

“I really would prefer that we would act as a region or act within our community similar to Oklahoma City,” said another Edmond resident that called into the meeting. 

The ordinance mandates masks in, indoor public places. Council members said they wanted the mandate to be consistent with Oklahoma City’s.  

“Our discussion with Mr. Murdock was to try to stay consistent with Oklahoma City on that so there’s not confusion,” said Edmond city council member Josh Moore. 

However, Edmond Mayor Dan O’Neil said there’s been a worry plaguing the council since the start of preparing the ordinance. 

“The real problem in accomplishing this is finding something that we can enforce effectively,” O’Neil said. 

The council is set to meet Monday, Aug. 3 to discuss the start date and any extensions they want to add to the ordinance.