OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman is being treated at a burn unit after her duplex home caught fire in Southeast Edmond. The Edmond Fire Department told KFOR, it was a possible cooking fire as it started inside the home and quickly spread to the outside. 

The burn victim was treated by EMSA on scene with third degree burns on her right arm and was taken to the Baptist Burn Center.  

“It was on her right arm from the hand to at least passed the elbow with third degree burns there on her… Thank goodness everybody was able to make it out of the house safely and EMSA arrived on scene and with our crews. We had crews attacking the fire and of course, and crews treating the burn victim,” said Chris Denton, deputy fire chief and PIO with Edmond Fire Department.  

Sunday afternoon crews battled the flames at the duplex off South Bryant and East 33rd Street. 

“When we arrived on scene, we had heavy fire involvement on the back side,” said Denton. 

Fire crews told KFOR the fire likely started in the kitchen and then moved upstairs, but thankfully there were firewalls which saved it from spreading even more.  

“There’s typically firewalls by code. And so that’s what we’ll have in this case, too. And that’s a good thing. But you still have smoke that can permeate through and around to the outside. Especially when you have the outside of the structure also involved on the back side of this… So in this particular fire, that’s the easier way for the fire to spread around, is on the outside of the house, around to the adjacent structure,” said Denton. 

The home now has significant damage along with extensive smoke and water damage to the duplex.  

“There are two adjoining structures that are attached… There’s damage to the one main side for sure and a small amount of damage to the other one. That is going to be related to smoke damage and damage that permeates through the attic,” said Denton. 

Chris Denton with the Edmond Fire Department said fire crews had a quick response time, possibly saving other areas of the duplex from more damage.  

“These fire crews arrived, and they got a really quick knock down. We had a six-minute response time to this. They got a really quick knock down on this fire… Great job for these firefighters today. Just really being on top of it,” said Denton. 

One neighbor who lives a few doors down told KFOR she is thankful the fire didn’t make it to her home.  

“There’s a little bit of water damage in one of the rooms where it just kind of came through, where the roof and the ceiling and the wall meet. That is really what I got. It is so minimal compared to the other two,” said Stacey Bonham, neighbor who lives in the same duplex. 

Stacey Bonham is now staying with a friend for the time being due to the heavy smoke. 

“It’s just too smoky to stay in there for the evening… Hopefully I’ll be able to go back tomorrow. We’ve got fans and stuff running, but we’ll just see,” said Bonham.  

Fire officials haven’t been able to confirm it yet but told KFOR, there was possibly a man and a child there at the time as well, and they were both able to make it out safely with no injuries.