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OKLAHOMA CITY – What began as a race to save an abandoned dog’s life may now be an animal cruelty case. 

The Swaim Veterinary Clinic was trying to save a puppy they found outside their office Monday morning. 

The pup was so badly injured it had to be euthanized just before 1 p.m.

The vet has turned over the information to law enforcement.

Louann Ervin first saw the dog and tried to help it. 

She said she didn’t know anything was wrong until she got closer and the dog ran from her so she called in Lucy Wyant to help. 

When they finally got to the puppy, they discovered the dog’s back paws were both broken.

One was ripped open, her bones were showing through the wound.

Wyant said, “This dog was most likely run over.”

The wounds were likely less than 24 hours old.

They said the dog, likely a pug-chihuahua mix, may also have also damaged her back and needed one, if not both, back paws amputated.

If you have an animal and cannot take care of it anymore, you’re encouraged to take it to the local animal shelter.

The shelter has cages available after hours where animals can be dropped off, no questions asked.