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OMEGA, Okla. (KFOR) – Saltwater continues to bubble up from the ground near Kingfisher.

State Rep. Mike Sanders was on site Tuesday looking at the situation. But more than six months after the saltwater was spotted it’s still a mystery on where it`s coming from.

“The guy filled a five-gallon bucket in 37 seconds. It is coming out that fast,” said Donald Schweitzer.

Eight wells were shut down across the area surrounding the Schweitzer family farm, but the potent saltwater continues spewing out, faster and faster each day.

“Well it was coming like three to four gallons a minute, but as of two days ago, it’s close to nine gallons a minute. It’s a running now,” Donald said.

That equals out to be more than 12,000 gallons each day. Still, no answers, no explanation and no solution. Twins Ronald and Donald Schweitzer are left in the dark about what’s bubbling beneath their property.

“It is coming out of our property, and we know less than anybody what is going on,” Donald said.

Earlier in the week, government officials stopped by to see the purge for themselves.

“They are still at plan one. You know, everything they have tried has failed,” Ronald said.

A spokesperson for the Corporation Commission told News 4 aside from the new well shutdowns, they’ve also asked other nearby disposal wells to reduce their injection pressure all in the hopes of easing the purge. But now it’s another waiting game for the Schweitzer family.

“Nobody knows what’s doing it or how it’s coming from,” Ronald said.

“I don`t think they are going to get it solved personally. I think they know it’s not really coming from where they think it is coming. But that is my opinion,” Donald said.

A contractor is working to put a liner in the saltwater ditch; this will help prevent even more water from seeping into the ground.