EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – For almost three decades, the Lord’s Harvest has been feeding the hungry and those in need in El Reno. 

You will usually find the founder, Nikki Pruitt, inside, getting supplies ready for the next mission of mercy.

“Here at First Fidelity Bank, we were just so moved to hear about Nikki’s love, care, and dedication to serve the people of El Reno and we are firm believers that when our communities win, we win,” says Caitlyn Melgaro, with First Fidelity Bank. “We would like to give Nikki $400 today.”

“Thank you, we appreciate it,” says nominator Richard Owens. “And we appreciate First Fidelity and NewsChannel 4 as well.”

“Hello! How are you doing? I’m looking for Nikki. I’m Kent Ogle from Channel 4. We have a little program called Pay it Forward and Richard nominated you,” Kent Ogle said.

“Like I was telling them, years ago that when we first started, it was a hard time for us and you came and put food on our table and we appreciate it,” says Owens. “I still love you like my mom and so from First Fidelity and NewsChannel 4, I have $400 to Pay it Forward and bless you with.”

“We will able to buy more things, thank you!” says Pruitt. “That is so sweet. Oh my gosh! That has never happened to me before.”

“You do great work here Nikki,” says Kent. “Why do you get up and do this everyday?”

“Because I love God and I love the people that he created and they are our guests,” she said.

‘Very amazing, great lady,” says daughter Jessica Ross. “I don’t know if people know but she started the Lord’s Harvest in ’96, actually out of a spare bedroom of our house. It’s just been going and going since then.”

“She’s a saint,” says Michael Pruitt, her son. “I always say she’s a saint. She has a patience to her. She is amazing in all she does.” 

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Pay it 4Ward

 And Nikki’s generosity doesn’t stop at the Lord’s Harvest. according to Richard.

“She’s always been a pillar of the El Reno community as well and she does this for everyone. She never turns anyone down and even invites us over the dinner at her own table. That’s one of those things about you just don’t find many people like her.”

Pay it 4ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.