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OKLAHOMA CITY – Senator Elizabeth Warren was in the Sooner State on Saturday for an education rally.

“I’m a couple of blocks from where I went to junior high,” said Warren. “I am in the cafeteria of my high school.”

The rally was organized by education and union leaders and held at Northwest Classen High School.

“In the richest country on earth, teachers are getting ground up and spit out,” said Warren, who told News 4 that funding is problem in Oklahoma and across the country.

“Money. Look, you know, it’s not free to educate our children,” said Warren. “You’ve got to pay for teachers, you’ve got to pay for builders, you’ve got to pay for books. And, money is about values. Are we going to decide that’s it’s just going to be all about billionaires and tax breaks for big corporations? Or are we going to say that everybody pays a fair share?”

People in the crowd told us having Warren meet with them is a boost they needed.

“I just think it’s encouraging to hear her talking the way that there’s so many people that care about it,” said student Kendra Johnson.

News 4 also reached out to the Oklahoma Republican Party about the rally.

“The Republican Party wishes not to make education a partisan issue, but we want to be the first ones today with the focus on education to say ‘thank you’ to the teachers,” said Pam Pollard, chairman of the party.

Pollard says Democrats have had their chance to fix education.

“In 2016, Governor Fallin introduced that legislation in her state of the state,” said Pollard. “Democrats stood as a block against it. We did not have the votes to pass it. We brought legislation in 2017 to give teachers a pay increase. Democrats stood against it and voted it down.”

The motto of the rally was “Remember in November.” Many educators are running for office in the next election.