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OKLAHOMA CITY – Some southwest Oklahoma City residents are on edge as they say a pack of dogs is terrorizing their neighborhood.

Witnesses say pets have been killed and they’re worried the next victim will be a person.

“Don’t even want to come outside anymore,” said Lillie Binford, whose cat was killed.

A neighborhood is in fear following a series of attacks by loose dogs.

“Everybody’s just afraid to walk out anymore,” Binford added.

“I just had a kid so yeah, it is kind of scary,” said Etric Jones, a neighbor.

Lillie Binford says she is still shaken up by the death of White Socks, her cat of 18 years.

“She was special,” Binford said. “She was my little princess. I called her ‘Princess’ every day.”

Binford says White Socks was in front of her own home when loose dogs began attacking her.

Binford’s neighbors, Paveon Crooks and Etric Jones, spotted the attack and intervened. They got the dogs away, but it was too late.

They say it’s hard to forget what they saw the day the cat was killed.

“That was horrific,” said Jones.

“Yeah, they were trying to kill it,” Crooks added.

But that’s not the only horror they say they’ve seen a neighbor experience.

“He had his dog in his hand and it was like bleeding,” Jones recalled. “There was blood coming down from his arm. It was ripped open on one side. He said that it was a pack of dogs that attacked his dog too.”

Residents say they also spotted a dead dog in a nearby alley more than a week ago and called animal welfare. Now, these neighbors are calling for action.

“I want to see justice done,” said Curtis White. “I think the owners should be punished for letting their dangerous animals run the streets.”

Because now they fear not only for pets – but people too.

Binford says she wants to press charges and get help with paying for White Socks’ cremation.

The neighbors have not contacted the owners because they are afraid of the dogs, but say they have contacted animal welfare.

News 4 talked to the City of Oklahoma City Friday afternoon who said they are working to get the dog picked up and the aggressive dog situation.

They say they are likely running behind due to being understaffed for the holiday week.