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OKLAHOMA CITY – The bible is clear.  “The devil prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

We see it everywhere, everyday.

Pastor Kelly Tiger believes the devil came calling to his Watonga, Oklahoma church recently.

“There was a snakeskin wrapped around this pulpit. Our pulpit bible was stabbed with a knife. You can see the holes. On this wall beneath the picture they had wrote God hates us. With the graffiti and what was done, someone had to know something about devil worshipping.”

Pastor Everett Cox is a professional demonic “exterminator”.

Through Deliverance Ministries, he has devoted his life to casting out evil spirits.

He told us,” If I’m in a spiritual war like this, maybe I better learn how to shoot. I’ve never seen a head turn 360 degrees. We’ve had plenty of outcries, people thrashing out of chairs, and they tend to be violent.”

Sybol Day brought her “devilish” 5-year-old grandson here after repeated, unexplained outbursts.

The family tried everything, from psychiatrists to prescription drugs.

Day explained, “I said, you’ve tried everything else. Let’s try Jesus. And so we did.”

According to the Catholic Church, the demand for exorcists in the U.S has doubled 3 consecutive years.

Ouija boards, witchcraft and other occult practices are all blamed for opening a door to the demonic.

Tulsa is one of only 3 cities in America where Roman Catholic priests are secretly trained to exorcise sinister, wicked demons.

Everett Cox said, “Praise God for the Catholic people. They are doing them.”

Pastor Cox claims he’s exorcised hundreds of demons over the years.

“We get to see these people leave with big smiles.  They’re pumped. And as ministers, we are pumped too because we got to see God actually use little old us,” he said.

Sybol Day is a believer after she says her grandson was successfully transformed from darkness to light.

She said, “You could see the peace on his face. I have a new little boy. He hasn’t gotten into trouble once at school. For this to happen like instantaneously and see him change, this is nothing short of a miracle.”