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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – An aspiring politician is answering questions about an explicit photo.

Tim Krahling posted a nude selfie on a social media account.

Krahling first denied putting it online.

But it was posted on his Reddit account.

When NewsChannel 4 asked him about that, he said if it is him, he isn’t worried about the nude photo hurting his political campaign.

Krahling is running for House District 45.

That’s part of Cleveland County.

He’s a libertarian seeking his first run at political office.

“We’re completely for liberty, we’re more socially liberal than democrats, we’re more fiscally conservative than republicans,” Krahling said.

He says he’s running this year because libertarians are now allowed on the ballot in Oklahoma.

“I’m just an average person, not a politician, don’t have any law degree,” Krahling said.

He wants to legalize marijuana, and he’s all for open carry, even without a license.

He also wants to privatize police and fire departments.

“And definitely the postal service. I think it’s run its course. It runs in the red every year. We have plenty of entrepreneurs that are willing to pick up the slack,” Krahling said.

He’s also all for personal freedom.

“I’m for what you want to do in your bedroom is your business,” Krahling said.

But it’s this nude picture of him not in a bedroom, but in a bathroom that’s been circulating.

It was posted from Krahling’s Reddit account, and it’s been viewed nearly 900 times.

When we showed him the photo Thursday, he said he wasn’t concerned.

“If it is me, I don’t see it as an issue,” Krahling said.

Krahling’s campaign Facebook page and website are up and running.

If anyone wants to know about the picture, he has an answer for them.

“As libertarians say, my personal life is my personal life, and your personal life is your personal life,” Krahling said.

Krahling is running against incumbent Claudia Griffith.

He says he’ll be knocking on doors asking for votes over the next few months.