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EDMOND, Okla. – When Stacy Anderson took a selfie with her son, she never could have imagined the terror that would unfold just 24 hours later.

It was Christmas night when Anderson’s estranged boyfriend, Adrian Permetter, arrived at her Edmond home.

“I told him he needed to leave. At that time, he said ‘I’m taking my son,'” she told NewsChannel 4.

The pair got into an argument, and Anderson said she still remembers the moment before she was shot.

“‘You won’t live to see the New Year,'” Anderson remembers Permetter saying just before she was shot.

He allegedly fired two shots and walked out the door.

“I understand being angry, but to hurt your child’s mother in his presence then walk past your crying son out the door, while he thought I was dead – that’s something I can’t wrap my mind around. That’s not the guy I knew,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s 13-year-old daughter and niece were on the phone with 911 dispatchers when the gunshots rang out.

They bravely stayed by her side until helped arrived.

“Without them, I do not believe I would have survived. I don’t,” she said.

Anderson would spend two weeks in the hospital, recovering from bullet wounds, four broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

She knows the emotional scars will take much longer to heal for herself and the kids.

But, she’s relieved the man responsible for the shooting is now behind bars.

“There is a sense of relief not looking over my shoulder, not checking my locks. And, it is just the very beginning of a long healing process, emotionally and physically. I am blessed and grateful to be alive,” she said.