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DEER CREEK, Okla. – Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4 was the only one to show you a dramatic rescue of a woman found clinging to a tree in Deer Creek around 9:40 Tuesday morning.

“I’ve got chills up here flying. She just went under water,” said Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4 Pilot Mason Dunn.

The woman got stranded in her truck after first responders said she tried to get back to her neighborhood nearby.

“And, I guess, the water had gotten higher from the point that she had left, and just thought she could ford the water and, unfortunately, that didn’t work for her,” said Deer Creek Fire Protection Unit Chief Cory Beagle.

The woman’s keys fell out as three bystanders jumped into action using jumper cables and a tow rope to pull her into safety.

“We were being told that she was getting tired of holding on, so they were actually able to get to her and take some of the relief from her,” Beagle said.

During the rescue attempt, one of the heroic civilians also got stuck clinging to the tree with rushing water surrounding them.

“By the time we got there, they were tired because they had been fighting the current for her,” Beagle said.

The Deer Creek Fire Department drove their military grade vehicle into the flooded street. It’s a tactic to not just get the victims out of the water but also to create an eddy to calm the water for the rescue waters.

“A lot of times, the surface will look extremely smooth, but the under current is what’s really traveling and especially with all of the hidden debris that’s being washed out with all of these floods,” Beagle said.

It was a dramatic rescue with a happy ending as residents and rescue crews worked together.

“It was a good group effort between the community and the departments.”

“I hear a lot of people clapping. I know I would be if my hands were busy,” Dunn said reporting from the sky.

The Deer Creek Fire chief said it is an area that they see flood quite a bit, but he said it is the worst flooding he’s seen there in several years.