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ALVA, Okla. – The father of a 20-month-old allegedly murdered in Norman is speaking out behind prison walls.

Bryan Abner is serving time for a drug charge, and was looking forward to seeing his son Maddox Abner when he gets out in 30 days.

Those plans are now shattered.

Maddox was found dead over the weekend.

“He was just everything to me. Everything. He was my spotlight and my future. I had so many plans to live life with him,” Abner said.

Among the pain he is feeling there are a lot of unanswered questions.

“I want to ask him myself why? And how? How could you do it,” Abner asked.

Those are the questions he wants to ask Jake Holman, the man accused in his son’s death.

According to court documents, Maddox’s mother said she put her baby to bed Friday night and left for a brief time.

She told investigators her little boy was in the sole care of her boyfriend, Holman.

She claims the next time she saw her little one was when Holman began screaming and she rushed into the room to find Maddox was not breathing.

After paramedics arrived they called police.

Investigators said Maddox had bruising around his throat and dried blood near his nose.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner said he likely died from blunt force trauma and ruled his death a homicide.

According to the affidavit, the M.E. said his “injuries are not consistent with falling out of a crib”.

“He was everything and the only thing I had that was worth my life I think. Valuable in my life, and he got took from me,” Abner said.

When he gets out of prison Abner said his focus is to seek justice.

“He will be punished. God will punish him. That`s how I believe” Abner said.

Police said they learned Maddox had been injured in at least four separate occasions in Holman’s care, including a time when the infant broke his arm.