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OKLAHOMA CITY – Representative Dan Kirby is calling out his fellow lawmakers after turning in his resignation letter over the weekend.

In an exclusive TV interview, he claims he’s the scapegoat for an expensive settlement he knew nothing about.

“I feel that I was thrown under the bus, number one, by the morality police and, number two, by individuals who were looking to cover up the settlement that was made and how it was made,” Kirby said.

The special House committee came down hard on Kirby last week, recommending he be expelled over his relationship with his former legislative assistant.

“It was a very close friendship type of relationship that included some things that were misjudgment on both of our parts, and that’s what they concentrated on. They tried very hard to get me to say we had a sexual relationship,” Kirby said.

He maintains there wasn’t a sexual relationship.

The committee grilled him over text and Facebook messages, including topless photos the staffer sent to Kirby.

The committee said the two had engaged in a romantic relationship for five years, which is against policy.

“House members should never solicit and receive inappropriate material from a legislative aide or any other House employee whether during business hours or after business hours,” said Rep. Josh Cockroft.

“I believe there are things going on at the capitol right now that are far worse than what they’ve judged me for,” Kirby said.

Kirby believes the committee skimmed over the $70,000 in taxpayer money spent on a settlement with his first accuser, whose claims were found to be without merit.

“Trying to hide it under housekeeping supplies? People aren’t making as much of a deal of that as they should,” Kirby said.

It would take a two-thirds majority vote to expel Kirby, and he could have been the first Oklahoma lawmaker to ever be expelled.

By resigning, he’ll keep his state retirement.

“I have gotten messages, phone calls, texts and emails from people that quote scripture telling me what kind of person I am but, as I read my Bible, my Bible says for all who have sinned fall short of the glory of God… he who’s without sin cast the first stone, and I really believe that,” Kirby said.

Kirby’s resignation is effective March 1.

He said he wanted the time to finish up some work for his constituents.

Sources at the capitol tell NewsChannel 4 there is talk of expelling Kirby before March 1.

The House could also vote whether to implement punishment for Rep. Will Fourkiller, who was also accused of sexual harassment.

He has denied the allegations.