OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The security guard who was shot in the leg at the Taco Bell in downtown Oklahoma City Sunday is sharing his story with KFOR. Authorities say the suspect took the guard’s gun and shot him. 

The security guard told KFOR, it all started when a woman at the Taco Bell was asked to leave since she wasn’t buying anything. He said she was just using the facility to charge her cell phone. That’s when he says an altercation broke out.  

“I went to check on her, like, I’ll check on all my other posts and all the other guards… I get to the Taco Bell downtown with my guard, and we’re trying to kick a person off the property for charging the phone without paying for food. She goes outside. She starts getting combative. She assaults me. So, I defend myself,” said Ado Autman, security guard who was shot twice.

Ado Autman said as he was defending himself, a man came out of nowhere and attacked him. 

“The guy comes out of nowhere, runs up and starts attacking me and my guard was fighting her while I’m fighting him,” said Autman.  

Autman said during the fight, the man reached for Autman’s gun in his holster, and shot him twice in the leg.  

“I felt him reaching for it and I’m trying to reach for it. And some way he was able to unlock it and grab it out,” said Autman.  

Autman said police arrested him shortly after the altercation.  

“They found him about 20 minutes later,” said Autman.  

Autman said he suffered an eye fracture from the fight and is recovering from a shot in his calf and thigh.  

“That was, to me, a fight for my life, you know, that I had to go through that. I just want to put it out there exactly what happened and how it happened. And I’m okay… I had a job to do, and I was trying to do my job,” said Autman.  

Autman said it will be weeks before he returns back to work.

Oklahoma City Police said they took one person into custody that night.