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Imagine, you go to flush the toilet and it explodes.

If you think this is funny, hold on.

There is a legitimate problem and safety issue with some brands of toilets.

“After my son went to restroom and walked back into his bed room, 30 seconds to one minute later, a violent explosion occurred,” concerned father Dave Witucki said.

Violent is one way to put it.

“We came into the bathroom to find the commode had exploded,” he said.

He said pieces of porcelain shot straight into the walls.

This father said that is why he posted this horrific account on YouTube, he said he wants to warn others.

Others have followed. Exploding toilet

A women’s bathroom in Nevada had such a reputation it was dubbed “The Las Vegas Killer Toilet.”

It’s explosions like these  that have prompted a massive recall by Flushmate, a high pressure flushing system.

The recall started in 2012 and has recently been expanded in 2014 to cover more than 2.5 million commodes across the U.S.

The affected toilets were made between 1997 to 2009, a deluge of potentially explosive models.

Home inspector Bill Loden said the appeal of these toilets, more pressure less water, is part of the problem.

“These commodes can create a lot of force when they build up pressure and if they rupture, the ceramic tank this is housed in will also break apart and send shrapnel all over the bathroom,” he said.

Do you have a Flushmate toilet system?

Click here to check if your toilet is part of the recall.

Officials said Flushmate will send you a repair kit if your toilet is affected. 

You can also call Flushmate’s Recall Hotline at (800) 303-5123. 

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