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A Facebook group called “Just Stop Being Fat” has been dedicated to the shaming of overweight and obese people, especially women and mothers.

The group posts memes of overweight people with captions like, “Before any of you robust people out there get your rolls in a twist, this extremely obese woman is exploiting herself. Dressing like a fool and posing for pics for people’s entertainment. No thinks she is sexy, they think she is a joke.”

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They also post pictures of thin women with captions like, “Be thin. Be beautiful.”

The creator of the page also shared the page of a woman who was fired for a fat shaming video she posted on YouTube called, “Dear Fat People.” The shared page was captioned, “My new hero! #goteam #fatshaming #nicolearbour.”

When the group was reported to Facebook officials, the automated response popped up, saying,

“We reviewed the Page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Facebook user Heidi Davis came to the realization that “the only way we will be able to get rid of hate mongering is to get Facebook to define their policies further.”

While that may take a while, those in opposition of the alleged hate group created their own page called “BAN ‘Just Stop Being Fat on FB.'”

The anti-shaming group seeks to make everyone feel accepted, as well as urging Facebook to change their policies on hate speech to include body size.

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“We stand up for a greater cause. We stand up so that we can create a precedent within online social media outlets that says they will not tolerate the harassment of others who wish to live peacefully.”

Just Stop Being Fat has 523 “likes;” “BAN ‘Just Stop Being Fat’ on FB” has 64.


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