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OKLAHOMA CITY – A fake lottery ticket lands an Oklahoma man behind bars.

Oklahoma City police arrested the alleged greedy suspect for trying to forge a 3 dollar lottery ticket into a 20 thousand dollar winner.

According to police, Michael Shaske first took the forged card to a Loves, but got turned away.

After taking the Loteria card to a second store, Shaske again got declined.

Undaunted, the suspect then showed up at the Lottery Commission office in Oklahoma City where police were finally alerted.

“Basically with the number of times he tried to pass the ticket, it seemed he was doing everything he could to get himself arrested,” said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

“You would think he’d take a hint, wouldn’t ya?” said Rollo Redburn with the Oklahoma Lottery Commission.

Redburn says the fake Loteria ticket in question had been cut and pasted together from two cards.

The suspect claimed he found the altered ticket at a Wal-Mart.

Lottery officials admit it’s a not a crime they see often for good reason.

“It makes me sad when people do this, but we’ve got an obligation to protect the integrity of the lottery,” said Redburn. “We need to make sure people understand, don’t try this. It’s crazy. There’s so much security on these tickets.”

The suspect has been booked into the Oklahoma County jail on a two thousand dollar bond.