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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – It was an emotional day Thursday in a Logan County courtroom as the sentencing portion of the trial for the man who was found guilty of killing a Sheriff’s Deputy continued.

On Tuesday, a jury found Nathan LeForce guilty of first-degree murder for the shooting death of Logan County Deputy David Wade.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

The state resting their case Thursday, after some of Deputy Wade’s family members took the stand.

The first statement from Deputy Wade’s grandmother, who said: “you took a very good person from us.”

Deputy Wade’s brother, Gerald Wade, was next.

He said they were just over three years apart in age, and shared a lot together.

He described his pain as “something that sits like a stone in my gut.”

He described his brother as an “example of what a public servant should be,” and says on the day of his funeral service he saw “nearly 19 miles of roadway lined with people paying their respects, many of them faces I have never seen before.”

Wade served by his brother’s side in the Oklahoma National Guard, which he says were some of the best moments of his life.

He described one of his toughest moments, having to go retrieve belongings from Deputy Wade’s squad car.

He says he “wash the blood from his brother’s firearm, the one he used to try and protect himself.”

They buried Deputy Wade with that firearm, something the family says they knew he would’ve wanted.

Deputy Wade’s mother was last, saying “in an instant my life was changed forever.”

She told the jury, “I should still have my son, I wish you could’ve met my son.”

She spoke about Deputy Wade’s missions overseas and said: “Never would I think that it would be on American soil that my son’s life would be taken.”

She finished with “live on my son!”

Prosecutors finished by showing the second portion of Deputy Wade’s body camera video, from the day he was shot and killed.

In this portion of the video, you can see Deputy Wade reach for his radio multiple times, trying to talk and get help.

Dispatchers from the Guthrie Police Department responding saying “I need you to hang in there for me ok?”

You can also hear a woman there praying over Deputy Wade saying “please keep him safe Lord.”

As soon as other law enforcement gets to the scene, you can see them running to try and save Deputy Wade.

The defense started bringing witnesses to the stand Thursday.

The first, Nathan’s mother, Flora LeForce.

She talked about her son’s childhood, and how they moved around a lot.

She spoke about a time when the family lived in New Mexico, and how Nathan got caught up with people from “the Mexican Mafia.”

Flora LeForce spoke about the moments her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and how he “was everything to my family.”

She spoke about Nathan’s love for his father, and how he would tell everyone “there’s no one that can take my dad’s place.”

She says “Nathan couldn’t think without his dad.”

The defense also reading from letters that Nathan wrote to his mother from jail, telling his mom “I just don’t know where I went so wrong.”

Also writing to her “thanks for sticking by me mom.” Describing his time in jail he says “it allowed me to really hear God, and “I’ve asked God only for the courage to be faithful.”

Nathan LeForce crying in the courtroom as these letters were read.

She finished by telling the jury “I would give my life in his place.”

Testimony will continue Monday morning.