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OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother and father were at the Capitol Friday to plead for Governor Mary Fallin to follow through with a promise.

They want to talk to Fallin about their little girl who needs a type of medical marijuana to treat her seizures.

Two months ago the mother, Brittany Hardy-Warrior, confronted the governor in public.

She says one of the governor’s aides, Cody Inman, told her he’d set up a time to listen to their case, but it never happened.

So, the family showed up at the governor’s office to hand over her daughter’s medical records that show baby Jaqie’s seizures went from more than 150 a day to eight a day after using cannabis oil.

“The very next morning my baby woke up with a personality, She woke up with a smile on her face,” said Hardy-Warrior. “She was holding toys again. She’s started rolling now, reaching. She hugs me. I never received a hug from my baby before she had cannabis oil.”

The family’s effort to talk to the governor about legalization of medical marijuana has fallen flat.

It appeared no one wanted to hear her message. Although, we saw him enter the office earlier, the aide who spoke with the family previously about looking at medical records wouldn’t answer the door.

Security came to stop the family.

Steve Mullins, another aide, finally agreed to hear this mother’s message.

She told him, “I’ve tried every medicine available in the state, and the only option we have left was to cut off the back half of her brain, something we’re not willing to do, something she may not live through. That being said, we had no choice but to try cannabis oil, and it works.”

Mullins promised to call the family in five days to discuss.

The family wants to move back to Oklahoma from Colorado.

“I will not accept the fact that we’re never going to be able to return to our own home. I cannot live with that. I will fight tooth and nail to see change here and to see that medical marijuana is legalized and made available because it could save thousands of lives here,” said Hardy-Warrior.

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