UPDATE: Officials confirmed on Monday morning that the driver has been identified.

SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Lori Hill says her aunt was killed Thursday night in Shawnee and her family is demanding to know who did it.

“My cousin lost his mother right before Mother’s Day weekend and we don’t know who did it,” said Hill.

Alice is seen here with her son.

Hill says her aunt, Alice Calhoun, was found with injuries on the side of the road near Harrison and MacArthur. She says two people tried giving her CPR while waiting for the ambulance.

“One of them told me that they had to lift off a bumper to a vehicle in order to start doing the CPR,” said Hill. “Eventually, she was taken to OU Medical.”

She said her Aunt Alice would remain on life support until the next day when Hill and several other family members were told of what happened.

“We were told the next morning,” said Hill. “They said to us that the injuries were too much and that they would have to take her off of the machines keeping her alive.”

Alice seen again with her son.

Hill says that her aunt was a joyful spirit full of love and all-around fun.

“She made us laugh, she was a tough one too but she was beautiful,” said Hill. “When they took her off of everything, we just had to watch as she slowly passed away. It was so hard to watch.”

Now Hill says her family is looking for answers as to who could have done this.

“Who knows how long she was out there for? What if the person that did it was able to get her to the hospital in time, if she had lived?” said Hill.

KFOR reached out to Shawnee Police several times and are waiting to hear back.