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OKLAHOMA CITY – An elderly woman’s wedding ring was stolen off her finger.

Her family say she was slipped an Ambien.

Over the weekend, that woman passed away and while her ring has been found, the woman’s family is furious that she doesn’t have it back.

Oklahoma City Police say they presented charges to be filed on the nurse accused of stealing the ring.

However, the ring still remains in police custody, while paper work in the District Attorney’s office is still in the process of being filed.

“We`re just stuck waiting until somebody processes the paperwork,” said Trela Wishon, daughter of the owner of the stolen wedding ring.

Wishon is busy planning her mother’s’ funeral, and on top of that, she’s having to fight to get her mothers’ stolen wedding ring back.

“I’ve grown pretty numb worrying about it,” said Wishon. “I’m not sleeping. I’m not eating well.”

Her mother was living in a nursing home, Accel at Crystal Park, when it happened.

The ring was stolen right off her hand.

Last week, it was found at a local pawn shop. Now, Trela is fighting to get is returned.

“It was really sad because when they called me and told me the rings were recovered, but I don’t get them turned into the family,” said Wishon.

The nursing home offered to pay the pawn shop the $475 they paid for the ring.

But, the family was hit with more devastating news. Wishon’s mom died on Saturday.

Before passing, she got to give her mom peace of mind.

“She said my rings, my rings, you found my rings and she held up her hands to look for them on her fingers,” said Wishon.

Wishon’s mom gave her a wedding ring that was similar to the one stolen.

“I put her other hand on top so she could feel the diamonds and she held it up and her eyes just lit up and she was feeling it and touching it,” said Wishon. “You could see, she just let out a sigh of relief like, ‘ah, I got my rings back.’”

With the funeral coming up on Friday, Wishon is begging the DA to move forward on the charges.

“I know that she’s still watching and she told me to go after it with everything I had to try to get these rings recovered and I have and I`m not going to quit,” said Wishon.

News4 spoke with the DA’s office and there’s no word on the status of the charges.

Wishon says police told her the nursing home employee involved in case quit.

Wishon’s mother will be laid to rest with or without her ring Friday afternoon in Wanette.