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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – People who have family members in the Oklahoma County Jail say the winter storm has caused conditions to become much worse.

They say there’s not enough heat and the low water pressure is causing issues. 

“These are people’s loved ones that are locked up, of course a lot of people are like, ‘well they shouldn’t have did what they did,’ but you can be in there for something minor and you’re treated like you’re in a third world country jail,” Santana Cisneros, whose brother is in jail, said. “They are supposed to I guess let them out, and take them wherever so they can use the bathroom, but my brother says they don’t do that. When you call up there, they just tell you, ‘whatever,’ just to get you off the phone.”

“The toilet basin was absolutely full of waste. And the guards had told [my sister] that they would be bringing a trash bag and gloves for them to remove the waste,” Ryan Gahagan, whose sister is in jail, said. “They’re making them eat in those cells with that stench there.” 

Other viewers have sent emails to KFOR saying:

“The inmates aren’t able to flush their toilets so they are now being forced to defecate in bags. This is not only disgusting due to the smell, it is also so unsanitary.”

“Some don’t even have a blanket says one of the inmates. There are icicles hanging from the roof in the cell.”

The jail sent a statement saying heat was maintained throughout the building and blankets were given to those in areas with lower temperatures. 

They also say there has been low water pressure, but they’re putting barrels of water on each to start manually flushing toilets.

Jail administration also says everyone will get a bottle of water with each meal. They say there was no lapse in hot meals during the storm, adding they’re working to meet everyone’s needs. 

However, those with loved ones inside ware just frustrated with the conditions.

“I’m distraught that my tax dollars are not being used to facilitate a way for them to take care of the waste,” Gahagan said.